Occupational Health and Safety Policy

At BONIS SOLUTIONS LTD, we believe illnesses and injuries can, and must be prevented. Therefore, we empower all staff to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment by adhering strictly to the
company’s Health and Safety Management system. BONIS SOLUTIONS LTD management will as a
minimum, review the health and safety program on an annual basis, provide employees with the necessary health and safety training and personal protective equipment (PPE), and consistently meet or exceed minimum legislated health and safety standards.

Our Policy objectives, is to:

  • Take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of personnel within
    company operational area.
  • Establish and maintain a written health and safety program with objectives and standards that
    meets or exceeds the requirements of applicable legislation.
  • Provide all employees and management with written job descriptions indicating each person’s
    responsibility to work in a safe and healthy manner.
  • Participate, through management representatives, in the Joint Health and Safety Committee.
  • Employee shall execute their duties safely and responsibly, adhering to BONIS SOLUTIONS LTD procedures and legislated requirements
  • Employees are empowered to correct hazards they see, advise supervisors and other workers
    of hazards in the workplace.
  • We give staff and subcontractors health and safety induction and provide appropriate training required to execute each activity.
  • We consult staff routinely on health and safety matters as they arise and formally when we
    review health and safety programs.
  • We ensure safe handling and use of hazardous substances in line with industry best practices.
  • Emergency Procedures and safety drills, including evacuation in an event of fire or other
    significant incidents are routinely implemented.